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Thoughts On Kick-Ass Parties, Etc...

Hanging with Gord at Woodstock ’99

At this point in my life, promoting a party is almost just a reflex reaction for me.

As the Station Gallery team has been mobilizing all the necessary elements to host a really kick-ass Artoberfest event this Friday, it has felt both fun and familiar to me. It was only a couple of days ago that I really began to reflect on my journey with arts and culture in the local community. It has been a really marvelous trip in many ways – so many incredible experiences, so many incredible lasting relationships. And it has all added up to being a huge part of my life.

That’s kind of when I realized that Friday’s event is bigger than any event I’ve produced before. Not bigger in scale, (Oshawa Jazz & Blues festival was big…working at Woodstock ’99 was gigantic) but bigger in its significance. Bigger because this event exists to help perpetuate arts and culture in our community and in the World. I like that.

I’ll give you an example of how this gallery functions to perpetuate the creation and love of art.

Station Gallery Summer Art Camp

This summer, our team approached me about a child who’s parent wanted them to attend our summer art camp, and they simply did not have the resources. They required transportation to the Gallery, a personal care worker, and needed the cost of the camp covered. The question we had to answer as a team was this: could we fund this out of our budget? As a not for profit organization, the practical answer was “not really,” but the real answer was that we had to do it. We really want to ensure that every child has access to create art and be creative. Art and creativity should be accessible to everyone – not just those with the financial resources to choose art, but accessible to the type of people who may actually be chosen by art. We never know which of the smiling young faces who attend our classes is going to be called to become a great creator in their life’s work, but we like to think that we’ve made it easier for that connection to happen.

This is what I’m getting at. Yes, we’re hosting a kick-ass party at the gallery on Friday. Yes, there will be beer, food, fun, art and (rather mysteriously) Heino! But that’s not the only reason why it feels great to produce this event. It feels great to know that we are clearing a path for more kids to connect with their inner creative selves. That’s good work and I feel very fortunate to have it in front of me right now.

While I have your attention, here are 6 ways that you can support the arts 📷

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