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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Sometimes the flow of life is not what we expected.  Sometimes, we fail. Sometimes we have to start over and re-create our lives and re-invent ourselves. 

Madonna is the QUEEN of this – I’ve always admired her ability to boot-strap herself out of a life of barely making it, to be the Queen of Pop and inspiring so many women to EXPRESS themselves and feel free to BE WHO THEY ARE. I love how every year Madonna throws a birthday party for herself to celebrate herself

A couple of weeks ago, Madonna celebrated her 61st birthday, and as I scrolled through the birthday celebrations on social media, I couldn’t help but think: why are so many of us afraid/ashamed to step into our own light and celebrate ourselves?

When is the last time that you celebrated beautiful YOU?

Why is it that it often takes a major shake-up or loss such as a death, an illness or a trauma for us to really take a good look our lives and decide to make changes?


For me, it took a series of traumatic life events over the past few years to really decide to take a good look at myself and re-evaluate my life. After a whole lot of soul searching, hard work, and time alone, I finally understand that I am 100 per cent responsible for my results.  We all are. And, if we don’t like the results that we are getting, it’s time to change what we are doing. Right? 

Having time to myself not only afforded me the time to get to really get to know myself; it has also helped me truly focus on being the best human that I can be.  I have finally started DREAMING again – which is super inspiring! 

When is the last time that you allowed yourself to DREAM?


There is an enormous shift happening globally, and nurturing ourselves is more important than ever.

It is critical to take time out of our lives for our wellness so that we can truly thrive. I retreat from my daily life quarterly to carve time out for myself to rest, eat nourishing food, practice yoga and meditation, to contemplate life, and to dream. This year, I retreated to Sedona with one of my yoga teachers, Carol Baxter and a group of amazing women. I also took an extended week-end to retreat to Boston for a Women’s Week-end. What I discovered is the power of women when we come together.

I emerged from both of these retreats feeling more grounded, more aligned, and more FREE TO BE ME!

Artist credit: Made with love by Jill Sky

Through the Durham Women’s Network, I am helping to organize a very special day right here in Durham Region for women to gather together and retreat from our daily lives. We are getting together with an incredible tribe of women healers, yogis, organizers, world-renowned leaders to help women re-create the lives of their dreams.

We are gathering on October 20th with a group of 100 women from across Durham Region to connect, heal, and envision what living our best life looks like. Do you know anyone who could benefit from this group or this day?

For more information, join us on Facebook or contact Durham Women's Network at

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Aug 29, 2019

Everything that you just wrote about is exactly why I want to run “Tree-hab” I want to make it as rustic and affordable as possible, so all woman can go to recharge in nature and have some silence to hear ourselves think. We are kindred souls. Thanks for always sharing.

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