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My Awesome Animal Encounter

I was just bursting with excitement to share this picture with my boys after a visit to the Bowanville Zoo this afternoon. It got me thinking: “who just gets to hang out with a baby lion on any given day?”

The answer, as it turns out, is anyonewho really wants to!

After stopping by the Zoo last Thursday during the Pan Am Torch Relay, I posted this picture on Facebook:

Everyone was ooohhhing and ahhhhing over these two little cuties. Someone even commented that holding a baby lion was on her “bucket list.

Did you even know that you can now book 30-minute animal encounters with the lion and tiger cubs at the Bowmanville Zoo?

Today in my meeting with Michael, I discovered that you can also book a camel ride, a lemur encounter, feed a giraffe, or be a lion tamer for a day! What an incredible gift that could be for just about anyone!


Michael says, “We share a planet with all of these animals – we are not alone here.


I truly admire Michael and his family for the amazing work they do and the incredible experiences that they offer to our community and to tourists from around the world.

Isn’t it odd how sometimes we may overlook the wonderful people, places and experiences just down the street from us?

I left the Bowmanville Zoo this afternoon feeling very fortunate to know Michael and his family as well as their extended family of much-loved creatures at North America’s only privately owned and operated zoo.

Michael was good enough to give me a stack of special discount passes to the zoo – please feel free to drop me an email if you would like some for your friends and family.

Michael and his torch-bearing primate, Sammy the baboon did Durham Region proud when the community (and the animals at the Zoo) came out to welcome the Pan Am Torch to Clarington last Friday.

Here is a great clip that was just released by Toronto2015, which highlights from the Pan Am Torch Relay and features the wonderful welcome by the Bowmanville Zoo and the Clarington community.

Bonus footage: Sammy the baboon celebrates his torch run with this sweet backflip:

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