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Meet My Farmer

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Happy Spring Friends!

It’s been a chilly spring, and we aren’t the only ones that have been affected by these chilly spring temperatures.

Last night I stopped by to visit my farmer, Jessica Foote at Lunar Rhythm Gardens, and the plants are having a slow start to the year too.

When I arrived at the farm, I was greeted by many of the family dogs who gave me a warm welcome.

One of Jess’s friendly team members, Claire, also welcomed me and graciously provided me with a quick tour of the new facilities, state-of-the-art prep kitchen, and the green house, which was a SEA OF GREENS!

As it turns out, although many of the seedlings have had a slow start, they are coming along beautifully.

It was so great to see the fresh lettuce, spinach and delicious arugula that is now ready for the farmers’ markets,  and organic CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes that are going to be ready in a couple of weeks.

The dogs then led me out to the fields where Jess was busy with her team of horses preparing the fields for this year’s crops.

Here is a video of Jess with two of her workhorses, beautiful Percherons, Mr. Grey and Calvin who are just finishing off their work for the day.

Here is another great video clip that I captured during my visit. In this one, Jess speaks about how she “puts the culture back in agriculture” and the value of community networks.

As you can see in the video, I am clearly an in awe of this incredible women, and her vision to bring locally-grown, fresh organic food to our communities.

Here is a little clip of Jess with her majestic Percheron draft horses, Mr. Grey and Calvin who have just finished their work for the day.

You can visit Jessica Foote at the Port Perry Farmers’ Market, which has been re-situated by the Old Mill at the Port Perry waterfront. What a fabulous location! This past Saturday, Jess had some beautiful asparagus, rhubarb, and her tasty organic greens you will love!

Kerri (left), Calvin (middle) and Jess (right)

The best way to support Jess is to buy a farm share. Jess has been putting local and certified organic produce on customers tables for the past decade in Lakefield and Port Perry.

For more information, and to join the CSA program, visit or call/text 905-986-9612.

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1 Kommentar

Lee Nowensky
Lee Nowensky
08. Juni 2019

Thank you Jess Foote and Kerri King.

Have been sharing this video, of mind blowing new ways to safely feed our families while nurturing the earth.

Gefällt mir
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