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Meet Georgia

Yesterday, I had a chance to catch up with Georgia Fullerton for Episode 3 of my Adventures with Kerri podcast. Georgia is a practising visual artist, an expressive arts therapist, arts educator and public speaker.

Together we explored our deeply personal connection to art, art therapy, and how expressive arts therapy can be used as a tool for mental health support and how tapping into your own "Art Story" can help to re-frame our lives.

We also talked about learning to feel "comfortable in discomfort" and how open expression of oneself leads to personal freedom.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode!


Georgia Fullerton is a practising visual artist, an Expressive Arts Therapist, arts-educator and public speaker. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts at York University, she is the former Vice-President of the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association, and sits on the Program Advisory Committee for the School of Media Art and Design at Durham Colleges’ Oshawa campus.

She is also a board member of the largest contemporary art museum in Durham Region, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Engaging all sides of her creative prowess, Georgia deepens her understanding and practise of the arts in the mental health sector as a counsellor and expressive arts therapist for The Insight Clinic in Whitby, Ontario and strives to engage all people in the acceptance of art making as a core life skill.

You can learn more about Georgia online at and

Womxn's Words - Acrylic on Canvas 2019 by Georgia Fullerton

And, finally. One last thing to leave you with today.

With love,


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