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Living La Pura Vida in Costa Rica

My family and I have been blessed with a two-week family vacation in Costa Rica.  It has been a dream vacation for all of us. As we savour our last couple of days in our beautiful jungle locale of Nosara, I wanted to take a moment to share the highlights with family and friends…

We were inspired to head to back to Costa Rica this time to celebrate our dear friend Lori’s 50th birthday with her, and to fulfill a family vacation goal that we had been planning for the past few years.

You see, on January 1st each year, our family dedicates the day to co-create a vision board for our family for the year(s) ahead. Although some of the goals are rather lofty (Jordan wants a mansion with a glass floor), the one common goal that we all share is our love of adventure travel.

Jason and I have visited Nosara again and again over the last 10 years, and although we love to try new things, we truly feel at home in this magical place. The climate is perfectly agreeable: 35 degrees in the shade almost every day! Definitely not for everyone.

Each morning, we wake up to the sound of howler monkeys, and after first breakfast and a bulletproof coffee, we head to the beach for an ocean swim. Jay and the boys love to spend at least an hour in the surf while I practiced yoga on the beach. Divine.

Nelson preparing Jordan for his next wave…

On this trip, we took a couple of surfing lessons with a local Costa Rican surfer named Nelson. He had all of us “popping up” and riding our boards in the white surf on our first lesson.

The next mission was to find a dependable fishing operator who could take us Deep Sea Fishing. We chose NosaraFishing to take us out for a half-day sport fishing mission into the deep blue sea.  The highlight of my day was seeing several pods of dolphins who came to say hello to us.

Just when we thought we were going to head back empty handed, Dallas landed this beautiful Dorado (Mahi Mahi), which we shared with the locals and have been enjoying and sharing with our neighbours at Villas Canadiense.

Our final adventure was a jungle canopy zipline tour. We chose Miss Sky Canopy Tours, which has the longest canopy tour in the world. The total length of the tour is more than 11kms, with the longest line being over 750 metres long. We were comfortable taking our 8 and 11 year olds on the tour once we found out that all lines are double wired, and we were all going to be double harnessed. The vistas overlooking the pristine forest were breathtaking. I found as long as I focused on the beauty, I was fearless.

By our second last day, there was no denying him any longer – Jordan wanted to climb the oceanside cliffs pictured in the sunset photo at the top of this article.  The tide was low and the cliffs were reasonably safe and easy to access.   Jason and Jordan headed off to find their way to the top.   On the way back, Jordan stated that it was his favourite activity of the trip so far.   “Even better than zip lining?” asked Jason.

“The zip lining was so much fun daddy, but the adventure there was built for us by other people. The best types of adventures are the ones we make for ourselves.”

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