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HEY MOONBEAM: It’s Time To Re-Create Your Life!

Over the past two years, I have been through my own personal “ring of fire” as I adjust to a drastically new life due to circumstances beyond my control. 

The transition has been gut-wrenching at times; but each time I make it over another hurdle, I feel stronger, wiser, clearer on who I truly am, and why I am here on this planet. What a blessing that is!

Today is total solar eclipse and new moon. 

According to Anne Ribley, it’s a time for us to move through the dark and into the light, eclipsing the shadows that block the way.

I am using this auspicious time to take a few days away from home and work to rest and rejuvenate with dear friends in Montreal, and set my “new moon” intentions. 

As Anne points out in her e-newsletter that I received today, the new moon cycle is a time to uplift ourselves for the next up-levelling in the life that we are being called to live.

When is the last time that you took the time to truly examine yourself and your life?

It’s miraculous to witness what emerges in our lives when we set clear intentions, followed by tactical plans to bring our wildest dreams to life.

The time to up-level our lives is now.  What’s stopping you?

Think about the power of your thinking and your speech. Be careful what you tell yourself about what is possible. After all, your subconscious believes everything you feed it.

What’s more, when we write our our goals clearly and succinctly, and truly allow ourselves to state our truth, we can move mountains and potentially re-create our reality.

Today, I am focused on just that.

I am “writing it right” as Anne says. The time is NOW to choose the life we truly want to live. We have to make choices that truly resonate with our own hearts and souls - not what others think we SHOULD do, or who we SHOULD be. 

It’s YOUR life. Live it!

Here is a pic of the dreamy space I’m occupying today on my friend’s back deck in Montreal. Glorious!

We ALL need to TAKE the time we need to reflect and reset. It’s critical for me.

I’m working on letting go of the past, and setting some wildly exciting goals for myself. How cool is that! 

Perhaps you will do the same?

Why not think BIG and DREAM the life that you truly want to create for yourself?

After all, what are we waiting for? It’s YOUR life.

Learn more about Anne Ribley’s new moon ritual here.

Blessings to beautiful YOU!

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