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Creative Collaboration Is a Go In Whitby

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

What happens when you mix an award-winning micro-brewery, a t-shirt marketing genius, and a local art gallery?


With all kidding aside, I am incredibly excited to share a super cool creative collaboration that is being launched at Whitby’s Station Gallery tonight, February 10th at 7PM.

The SG team is incredibly excited to announce yet another sensational partnership with another dynamic local business….

Late last year, Station Gallery teamed up with the guys at 5 Paddles Brewery to brew our first signature SG craft beer. How awesome is that?

In December, the SG team had the opportunity to do a tour and tasting at 5 Paddles new facility, and provide input on our first SG beer, which is being rolled out at our event tonight.

David & Chrissie Wysotski, Kate Carson and Matt Woods showing off the first round of SG/Shirtpunch samples.

The collaboration is a fundraiser for Station Gallery and an opportunity for people to taste 5 Paddles newest brew, the Tortured Artist, a delicious vanilla porter.

The label was illustrated by 14 year-old Whitby artist Jade Wysotski, and designed by SG’s graphic designer Kate Carson by overlaying the illustration onto an abstract artwork sourced from SG’s permanent print collection.

What’s more, the label image will ALSO be featured on custom-designed t-shirts which are being officially launched today thanks to Whitby entrepreneur, Russ Montague, and his amazing team at Shirtpunch. In keeping with Shirtpunch’s fast-moving way of doing things, the Tortured Artist t-shirts are available Friday, February 10th for a special one-day launch price with part of the proceeds going to the artist, and part of the proceeds going to Station Gallery.

The key driver of these partnerships for us is building ongoing engagement and connectivity between the Gallery, our local artists and the community at large with the secondary benefit being a revenue stream for the Gallery, the artists and the community partner.  Like any not-for-profit or charity, the team at SG is constantly being challenged to come up with creative ways to bring art to our community, on a limited budget.  By collaborating with local businesses like Shirtpunch and 5 Paddles, we are all able to leverage our networks and cross-promote our offerings, which is a win-win-win for our entire community.  We look forward to future collaborations with both Shirtpunch and 5 Paddles and hope to work with even more artists and community partners along the way.

I invite you to share your creative collaborations in the comments and inspire others to do the same.

Hope to see you at SG on Friday, February 10th, Tickets are available in advance for $10 or at the door for $15.

Artists: interested in a collaboration with Shirtpunch and Station Gallery? Hit us up HERE.

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