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Adventures with Kerri

Hello love, (My Gramma used to say that, and it always warms my heart!)

Well, this is going to be fun! I thought I would start a weekly podcast – and venture inside the minds and hearts of the coolest creatives that I seem to collide with every week of my life.

People always ask me how I have the energy to do all the stuff I do, and all that I can say is that when you surround yourself with inspired people who are super-pumped about what they are creating, it's contagious!

My aim is to create a weekly round-up of ideas that I am pondering, art that I am exploring, books that I am reading, and people that I meet in my travels. This is a creative passion project for me – and my intention is to shine a light on the talented people and places in my midst.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Scroll down for photos, and of course, the first podcast!


Rebekah Noseworthy is an award-winning event organizer, cultural planning and marketing strategist.

Experienced in municipal government and the private sector, Rebekah has played a key role in supporting the local culture scene and serving up thought leadership through her alter-ego, Cultivate Collaborate.

She is currently serving her hometown as Chair of the Cultural Leadership Council with the City of Oshawa, and is an inaugural member of global network, Placemaking X. Rebekah studied Cultural Planning and Development through the University of British Columbia and holds a BAA in Creative Advertising through the University of Guelph-Humber.

*Thanks to Trinity Design Photography for the gorgeous images.

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