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Celebrating Creative Minds in Durham Region

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Durham Region is bursting with creativity. Gifted artists, enthralling entertainers, inspiring writers, excellent corporate citizens, environmental superstars, and motivated small businesses all call Durham Region home. This is what makes up the vibrant, lively culture that residents of Durham Region get to experience every day.

A strong creative culture is what makes an attractive tourism destination. Think about the last trip you went on, whether a day trip or vacationing afar. What motivated your visit? A heritage destination? A natural wonder? A unique culinary experience? Perhaps it was just the opportunity to relax, in which case, something creative probably enhanced your visit, such as art, entertainment, food or culture.

I love to promote Durham Region and all of the unique experiences it offers to visitors. We are so rich in creative places, creative spaces, and creative people who are the backbone of it all. It’s time to start recognizing these people who breathe life into Durham Region and make it the dynamic community it is.

That’s why I am pleased to announce the second annual Durham Art of Transition Creative Awards (DATCA), a program to recognize individuals and organizations that are making our community stronger by celebrating and promoting creativity, innovation and collaboration in Durham Region.

Nominations are open until noon on Sept. 27. The five award categories are:

1. Best creative collaboration

Presented to an individual or group for a creative event, series of events or campaign that engages the community, and results in increased revenue and long-term public awareness for both parties, thus promoting co-operation between traditional businesses and independent artists for mutual and community economic and cultural benefit.

2. Best story about Durham Region

Presented to an individual or group for any creative work (including, but not limited to: written, visual, spoken, performance and digital) inspired by or dedicated to Durham Region.

3. Best entertainment in Durham Region

Presented to an individual or group for the best creative form of entertainment (including, but not limited to: written, visual, spoken, culinary, performance and digital) resulting in increased community engagement in the arts.

4. Best creative innovation

Presented to an individual or group for a new innovation (could be an event, product, partnership or other form) that results in business and community economic benefit.

5. Best use of creativity to advance social and environmental sustainability

Presented to an individual or group for a public activity, event or other creative project designed to advance long-term social and environmental sustainability in Durham Region.

An independent judging panel of community leaders will review the nominations and select the recipients of the awards based on the impact of the individuals’ contribution, as well as factors such as uniqueness, effectiveness, influence, and sustainability.

The awards ceremony takes place at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa on Friday, Nov. 9.

Go ahead and nominate a creative member of our community. It’s important to celebrate our successes in order to continue to grow and prosper in the future.

To find out more about DATCA, including how to nominate, please visit or connect on social media: search Art of Transition on Facebook and follow us, @artoftransition, on Twitter.

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