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Check out my interviews with local and international artists, musicians and creatives to learn more about who they are, what they do, what inspires them and so much more… If you are an artist in any form and would like to be interviewed by me, email me at with your bio, more info about you and we'll try to schedule an interview with you for our website.

Brendon Urie


Kerri sits down with Brendon Urie at the Cork & Bean Cafe in downtown Oshawa while he was in town. Asking about his process for writing songs, learning more about his inspirations and discovering his deep rooted interest in the arts!

Vincent Van Gogh


Kerri chats with Vincent via Face Time while Vincent takes a break from his latest series exhibit in LA. She asks some tough questions about his childhood upbringing, his relationship with his parents and how that affected the artist he is today.

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