Hello beautiful ones! 

I’m Kerri King, creator of the brand new Creative Vision Quest program and co-founder of the Durham Women’s Network. When I’m not brainstorming my next big idea, you’ll find me practicing yoga, reading a good book, finding local trails to hike, travelling to new places and spending time with my two teenage boys.

My passion for arts and culture has brought me to this point in my life after leading a fulfilling and experience-filled career in public relations and economic and cultural development. I thrive on helping others reach their artistic and innovative potential—a gift I was born with. As a keen listener and a catalyst of ideas, I have worked with many friends such as yourself to build and execute their own powerful, creative visions.

 Have you heard my podcast? 

I'm exploring new media channels for myself. My latest effort... this exciting new podcast. I invite you to listen to my interesting, and, sometimes intimate chats with guests about everything from art and creativity to self-awareness and relationships. As always, let me know what you think.